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The Kawar ‘Family of Premium Brands’ is a family distillery producing award-winning Arak and Vodka has noble roots in Middle East. Kawar Arak is made of natural Syrian aniseed, 100% finest grape alcohol and purified spring water. Combined with advanced expertise and technology, these three expensive, natural, high quality ingredients produce a premium, methanol-free Arak. We are most famous for our collection of Arak, crafted by following our family tradition.

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Arak Kawar
Black Limited Edition 53%

An exclusive handcrafted de-luxe expression, only produced using hand selected anise and the finest, purest alcohol. This rare Arak will be appreciated by the real Arak aficionado, who is seeking the very best of the best. This arak represents the pinnacle of arak production in Israel. It is the one to give as a gift to the arak connoisseur.

Arak Kawar Black 53%

Arak Kawar
Black 53%

The Kawar Traditional Premium Black Label is a prestigious arak with a richer anise flavour and a denser milky color when mixed with water. Famous for its classic aroma, a velvety texture, a slightly oily consistency, and a taste that lingers on the palate. Made of finest aniseed and alcohol from selected white grapes.

Arak Kawar red 50%

Arak Kawar
red 50%

The Classic Premium Red Label with 50% alcohol is bolder, more aromatic, and slightly thicker, made of aniseed and grape alcohol. This is a great addition to Middle Eastern appetizers and can complement a myriad of spices and flavours.

Arak Kawar Green 45%

Arak Kawar
Green 45%

The Premium Green Label with 45% alcohol is the Arak to enjoy on a day-to-day basis, either in a restaurant or at a bar. Its balanced and refined character produce an Arak that can stand-alone. It is at its best as an aperitif.

Arak Kawar Blue 43%

Arak Kawar
Blue 43%

The Blue Label 43% is delicate and has a relatively lower alcohol content. It has the classic aroma, tastes fresh on the palate and has a pleasant finish note. It’s considered as classic Mediterranean aperitif.

Arak Kawar Blue 40%

Arak Kawar
Blue 40%

The Blue label, known as the classic flavour, has a refreshing and delicate taste with unique finish. Highly recommended as an aperitif and is great to enjoy with family meal or friends meeting.

Arak El-Sultan


The high-quality arak El-Sultan will captivate you with its authentic taste and elegancy. It can be an outstanding addition for a romantic evening, for a family meal or for a celebration with friends.

Arak el pasha

el pasha

If you are interested to discover the world of Arak, it’s great choice for your first time. Now you are also a part of centuries-old tradition, being familiar with its refined taste.



Unique taste, excellent alcohol and anise blend that present you an unforgettable experience. This brand has it’s own, unique story and is the best to be served “on the rocks”.

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